Why Buy From Us

Why buy a NFA Gun Trust from us?

  • Over 20,000 NFA specific Trusts Completed. 0 Denials, 0 issues
  • Documents created and emailed promptly
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy Trust form
  • Free future property additions (you do it yourself :))
  • We include DIY templates/examples for future changes (amendments)
  • Option to have us shrink and laminate your Trust for easy keeping in your gun bag etc.
  • **41F Compliant**

What we include in your document preparation

  • Trust Documents (~12 pages)
  • Certification of Trust (~2 pages)
  • Assignment Page, AKA Schedule A (1 page)
  • Schedule of Beneficiaries, AKA Schedule B (1 page)
  • Do it yourself (DIY) amendment examples (5 pages)
  • Helpful instructions (1 page)
  • Example Documents Filled out (12 pages)
  • Video Instructions on Filling out your Documents

Popular reasons to use a Gun Trust

  • Degree of Separation
  • Allows others to handle your Trust property (Co-Trustees)
  • Long term flexibility and ability to make changes
  • Define a beneficiary distribution plan
  • Beneficiaries of a Trust will be able to take distribution of Trust assets without having to pay for another tax stamp when that transfer takes place

Safeguarding Customer Information

Here at 199 Trust we take your privacy seriously. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how we dispose of our old hard drives.