Shrink and Lamination

We also provide a handy service of shrinking and laminating your Trust and tax stamp documents. Even if you got your trust done elsewhere we want to help you keep your trust handy at all times!

It’s pretty common practice that people will shrink down their Trust and laminate it in order to keep it in a shooting bag or with the Class III item itself tucked into a buttstock or somewhere similar. Your laminated and shrunken Trust will measure roughly 6.25 in. x 5 in.–small enough to fit in your back pocket. Each copy will be bound with a document ring so you never lose page.

We do not include the last two pages (the assignment page and the schedule of beneficiaries) as those are liable to change often and should just be kept in a safe place; but the rest of the Trust including the notary pages which shows who the responsible parties are (Co-Trustees) we  shrink down and laminate for you once you have it all signed and notarized. Order your shrunken and laminated trust below:

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