*This only applies to Trust documents we did before 29 June 2016!*

As most of you know, the ATF is about to change how they process transfers (form 1’s and form 4’s) to NFA Trusts. Any application after 13 July 2016 will be subject to the new ATF changes named 41F. This will require all “responsible parties” (We call these people Co-Trustees) on a Trust to submit (2) fingerprint cards and (2) passport photos with each stamp application. You can find out more about 41F HERE.

The way our Trusts work is that the Successor Trustee is not a responsible party on the Trust. However, we feel it might be prudent to beef up the language in the documents you received from us in regards to the Successor Trustee. Therefore below you will see two links to amendment templates to clearly define your Successor Trustee as a non responsible party on your Trust unless they are also listed as a Co-Trustee.

Below are two links, one to a PDF which you can print out and fill in by hand. Another is a .word document you can open up and type in the information.

Once finished attach the amendment to the front of your original documents and be sure to attach a copy of the amendment to any copies of your trust you send in with any future form 1’s or form 4’s.

Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Print out the amendment from the link below
  2. Fill out the amendment
  3. Staple amendment to the front of your original Trust
  4. Include copy of your amendment with all future Trust submissions.



.PDF Amendment
.Word Amendment