What Our Customers Say

In order to give you an idea on our service quality, we sent a survey request to a random sampling of our past customers. The results were outstanding and not doctored in any way. You’re getting the straight dope, so to speak. Over 98% would recommend us to a friend—that’s astonishing! Of course we shoot for 100%, but 98+% is well… exceptional, for any business. Hopefully it shows you, the prospective customer, that we’re serious about what we do and the services we provide.

First Name State If you had to sum up our service in one sentence, what would you say? Would you recommend 199Trust to a friend?
Aaron FL Easy to use and ATF approved! Yes
Adam Nebraska Cheap price. Well written with several mistakes. Had 3 corrections and then just changed it ourselfs. For small simple trusts you can’t go wrong with them. I would definitely recommend 199 trusts. Yes
Alex Florida You guys are very helpful and your service is top notch. Yes
andrew pa The fasted and easiest way to get a trust. Yes
Andrew Oklahoma Awesome job with the NFA trust-it worked great and saved me a ton of time getting my paperwork back! Yes
Andrew Ohio Awesome I have recommended you to everyone I talk to. Yes
Andrew Colorado Amazing. Fast. Responsive. Helpful. Yes
Anthony Arizona Eric was very helpful and quick to answer emails and return phone calls to ensure I got exactly what I needed for my Trust. Even made a correction after my mistake. Yes
Ben MT Excellent Yes
Ben South Carolina Simple and fast; already recommended several people to your company Yes
Benjamin Georgia Excellent and Fast Yes
Benjamin MN Easy; concise; just what was needed. Worked just fine. Yes
Bill Washington Super fast; really great; nice work; thank you. Yes
bill sc it was very fast and explained what to do very clearly. i am happy. Yes
Blaker MO Easy and cheap. Yes
Bob Texas Could not have been easier and only wish I’d known about you a long time ago Yes
Bobby Arkansas This was the easiest and cheapest way to get done what I needed for an NFA Gun trust! Yes
Brendan Texas Excellent product; fast service; great price! Yes
Brett TN Quick. Professional. Quality work Yes
Brett Oregon Easy. My questions were answered swiftly and I got everything I needed to finish the trust in a couple of days. Good going guys! Yes
Byron VA Fast & easy. Yes
Cameron TN Outstanding service. Yes
Carl TN Very quick and speedy service. Yes
chad georgia GREAT customer service!!! Yes
Charles TN Good service at the best price. Yes
Charles Oregon WOW (Walked On Water) Yes
Charles Louisiana Simple and quick Yes
Chris PA I am very happy with the service and product. Easy to work with. Trust has been used and approved multiple times. Yes
chris texas The trust will simplify owning my machine gun vs my current LLC. Yes
Chris MI Quick Yes
chris ohio The process was very straight forward and worked for my needs. Yes
Chris Pennsylvania Trust made my silencer wait time 4 months! Yes
chris Georgia Fast and helpful. Only took a couple of days and included examples of how to fill out the paperwork so I would have no trouble at all. Yes
Chris CO Prompt responses to questions and very fast turn around. Great service! Yes
Chris Texas Great; could not he happier! Yes
Christopher Texas Amazing had it back in less that 24 and went through with the ATF Yes
Clint Arkansas It worked great! No problems and was successful. Yes
Colton TN It worked and it was cheaper than a lawyer, both of which made me happy. Yes
corey West Virginia Excellent job; gun guys helping gun guys. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes
Dan NH Amazing!! Already recommended to several friends! Yes
Daniel MO Absolutely the easiest document and transaction that I have ever done!! All of the Samples were great! You covered every detail. Great Job!! Yes
daniel ohio very easy and customer service very helpful Yes
Daniel Virginia Exceeded my expectations in every way: value; quality and effort. Was able to execute the trust at a local bank and the ATF approved the transfers without question. Can’t ask for better!! Yes
Daniel Ohio Fast and efficient; all questions answered and a great value! Yes
Danny Arizona The best online shopping/service experience I’ve ever had! Yes
Darrel Ohio Great Yes
David Texas Great Yes
David Tx Great. Yes
David Texas Simple Yes
Deakin Texas You did what you said you would and for the price as advertised. Yes
Dennis Ohio Fast; professional and affordable. Yes
Dennis Arkansas Great Yes
Deron Louisiana Outstanding! Yes
Derrik MN Fast and overall great customer service. Yes
Devin Georgia I set up my first trust with 199Trust and it was a great experience. Yes
Diana Nm It was great. Yes
Dustin WV Service was great. Yes
Dwane PA Very helpful – If anything I would add a “What Now?” FAQ sheet of what to do with the trust paperwork; and how to properly fill out and submit with common ATF forms 1 and 4… Yes
Ed Arizona They were helpful; fast and it was easy. Yes
ed tx so easy a liberal can do it Yes
Edward Texas Delivery was quick and my request for a change was processed very quickly and completely. Yes
eric ga Fantastic service! I had to change a name and other items.the night before going to the bank for signatures. Not a problem for 109trust; an mail to them and they were.done in minutes. Thanks 199trust and thanks to quiteriotfirearms.com for the lead. Eric Yes
Eric Texas Service was Awsome !! Yes
eric michigan Outstanding; couldn’t be better! Yes
Eric TN Fast; EASY; Trust Setup!!!!!!!! Yes
Francis Texas Fantastic! Yes
Gabriel Michigan Fast service for a very fair price. Yes
Gerald Nevada 199 Trust was easy and they had great customer service. Yes
Glenn Texas User friendly application and simple to use. Yes
Gordon Tennessee The service was fast (less than 24 hours) and friendly. I am glad i used them. Yes
Greg Fl Perfect and great turn around and service Yes
Greg Co Good Yes
Guy TX responsive Yes
Harry TX Easy to use and very complete. Yes
Hassan Texas This service was fast. Within a few minutes I had my trust emailed and an hour later everything was notarized. Yes
heather tx the service was great and quick if I had it to do it all over again I would do it with you guys I also recommend as many people as I can to your site thanks a ton Yes
Henry Arkansas Excellent Yes
Herb Georgia Very responsive advice accompanying an easy to use website. Yes
Ivan Pa. Fast Yes
J.R. Texas The entire process was easy; the only hard part is the waiting! Yes
Jacob AZ Quick; inexpensive solution to set up fun trust. Yes
James Texas Very fast; professional and affordable. Yes
James Pennsylvania Great written product with slightly inaccurate information provided via email as far as official name of the trust to include on ATF Forms. ATF agent contacted me to make corrections from what 199Trust suggested. Yes
James NC Fast;courteous and exceptional service. Yes
James NC Exactly as advertised worked just fine; great service. Yes
James Georgia Hassle-free gun trust at your fingertips. Yes
janes Texas Great Yes
Jason Oklahoma 199 Trust was fast and easy. It made the whole process much more enjoyable. Yes
Jason Georgia Great trust; passed through BATF first time every time. Easy and simple to fill out. Yes
Jay Texas Exemplary. Yes
jay west virginia fast and affective Yes
Jeff Tennessee Easy and convenient; had tax stamp back in 45 days; no problems. Yes
jeffrey Georgia Using 199 trust was truly easy and I highly recommend using their service. Yes
Jenny Arizona Exemplary. Yes
Jeremiah Texas Quick; effective and legit. Yes
Jeremy Texas Quick; painless; and exactly what I paid for! Yes
Jerry TN Absolutely the best service! I had no idea what or how to do a trust. When I got in touch with this company; they made everything so smooth! My friends are all going to use 199TRUST! Thank you guys!!! Yes
Jesus Texas Great work Yes
Jim Oklahoma Excellent trust for its purpose. Yes
Jim Virginia 199Trust did exactly what they said they would do! Yes
Jim ND Superb service and speed! Yes
Jimmy AZ Certainly a pleasant experience and a rock solid form of paperwork. Yes
JJ TN This was easy and pleasant experience. Yes
John Ohio Fantastic!! Yes
John Texas 199 trust rocks! Yes
john sc Efficient Yes
John NH Outstanding!!! Yes
John Tennessee Exceptionally fast; detailed; and user friendly. Yes
John New Mexico fast and simple. Yes
Jonathan Texas Great work. Fast and Great customer service. Yes
Jose Texas Fast easy and we’ll done Yes
Joseph Alabama The ATF seems to like it; so I like it. Yes
Joseph Texas Best and I have recommend u to all that are interested Yes
Joseph SC Excellent service; fast too. Yes
Joseph New Mexico Awesome! got my Signed Form 1 back from the ATF in 3 months; all thanks to the trust documents you made for me. Yes
josh mn The fastest; easiest part of the NFA process! Thank you! Yes
Joshua Texas Quick; easy and inexpensive. Yes
JP Georgia Easy; complete and straight-forward to establish. Yes
Justin SC The process is ridiculously fast; easy; and convenient. Yes
Justin Texas Excellent and speedy Yes
Justin TX Flawless. Yes
Ken Communist Maryland awesome and quick Yes
Kenneth Missouri Amazing; I got my trust in December of 2013; sent it in with my stamp request in Feburary and received everything back Yesterday 9/12/14. 9 months at the ATF and no issues. Amazing working. Yes
Keven VA The team has been extremely responsive and forthcoming with all inquiries; exceeding my expectations for such an affordable and reliable trust! Yes
Kevin Texas Good so far but I haven’t used the trust or even notarized the paperwork yet. Yes
Kevin Oregon Quick and frictionless Yes
Kevin Texas Easy to use; even for computer illiterate people like me lol thanks Yes
Kevin Texas 199trust made the process of setting up my NFA trust truly effortless and worry-free! Everything was in order from square one and the ATF granted my NFA transfer with no questions whatsoever. Yes
Kirby Wisconsin Simple and we’ll worth it!! Yes
Kyle Virginia Quick and easy at a great price. Yes
Larry Texas Quick and easy Yes
Larry GA Great; easy and quick! Yes
Lawrence New Mexico Outstanding! Very personalized and quick service! Yes
Logan Maryland ATF signed off! Yes
Lonny West Virginia Quick and easy with very helpful staff. Yes
Mackey Texas Exceptional! (that was one word) The very responsive communication made the process a lot easier than expected. I’ve recommended 199trust to friends. Yes
Marc va Quick and easy trust setup. Yes
Mark Louisiana Fast and simple!! Yes
marvdermanin al idaho service was great; yet to use it Yes
Matt Pennsylvania You guys did an outstanding job. I haven’t had any problems with my trust and so far everything is perfect. Yes
matt Virginia Eric was a great help. Everything seems to be complete. I even called him back with a couple more questions later on. He answered completely in a way I understood. I would recommend 199 trust Yes
Matthew PA I’m very pleased with both the content; and the service provided by 199Trust. Yes
Matthew TEXAS Awesome! Recommend to everyone. Yes
Matthew Florida Unbelievably fast receiving my Trust. Paperwork was FLAWLESS!!! I would encourage absolutely everyone to go the 199Trust route!!!!! 199Trust is best way of getting a complete and accurate Trust set up!!! Yes
MelloYello South Carolina Efficient and submissions signed by ATF NFA Yes
Michael Pennsylvania Simple and flawless. Yes
Michael Pennsylvania Quick; easy; Now I own a trust with no headache! Yes
Mike Leslie Quick and easy way to a NFA trust. Yes
Mike SD The service was very easy; very quick; and very reasonably priced. Yes
Mike South Dakota My trust was completed quickly and painlessly. Yes
mike ohio very fast nice job Yes
Mike SC Not bad and a good price Yes
Nate Michigan The entire process was affordable; efficient; and effective; with E-File; I received my first NFA item approval in one day under four months; filed in March; approved in July. Very pleased. Yes
nick pa quick easy and painless Yes
Nick Michigan Excellent prompt service. All of my questions were answered and there were many. Now on my 4th stamp using 199Trust. Yes
Norm Texas Perfect. Smooth and easy; everything was handled by y’all and the transaction went seamless. The work you did was simple and as advertised. Very satisfied Yes
Pat Sc Easy and simple to understand. Yes
Paul Michigan Amazing price; excellent service; and it works perfectly. Two items and counting on my trust. I couldn’t be more pleased. Yes
Phil Texas Fast & responsive to clarifications. Yes
phill colorado quick; i told a few buddies too. Yes
Phillip Texas Easy to use. Yes
Randal MS Really easy instructions to follow step by step; fast friendly service from these folks. Yes
Randy Florida So far so good. Have not received stamp back yet from ATF. Yes
Randy Colorado Fast and easy to work with. Yes
Raquel Alaska Quick; efficient; seamless service. Yes
Richard Tennessee Fast; smooth; easy process. Wish I would have done it sooner. Yes
Robert Tn Simple Yes
Robert GA Easy; fast; and gets the job done to the T! Great Service! Yes
Robert Nevada Very professional; quick to respond. Yes
Robert Wisconsin Very Simple; even I can do it. Yes
Ron Florida Easy process and quick turnaround time for a NFA trust. Yes
Ron Nevada Fast; convenient; affordable. Yes
Ronnie Arizona Easy; Inexpensive; fast and satisfactory. Like a good prostitute. Yes
Ross Texas Fast and efficient Yes
Ross Texas Couldn’t have asked for better or more prompt service; I’ll be in touch soon for an amendment. Yes
Russell Ms Great Yes
Ryan Indiana Fast and dead simple. Yes
Ryan Wa Quick service; documents seem well put together and well set up format to fill out. Yes
Ryan Texas Ya’ll had quick and profeesional service. Thanks. Yes
Scott Sc Very good Yes
Scott WA Easy as could be. Customer service was excellent!! Yes
Sean Arkansas Quick turn around time; but spelling/grammar errors in trust; hopefully legal in Arkansas. Yes
Sean Florida AWESOME! ‘Nough said! Yes
Shawn Florida Holy cow; super easy; very fast response with the finished product (got the finished trust on a Saturday). I couldn’t believe how simple and straight forward it was. Yes
Solomon Virginia 199Trust is fast and professional, I recommend Eric to all my friends interested in getting an NFA Trust. Yes
Stacy Texas Surprisingly easy process that was just as described. Yes
Stephen Texas Best service available on the internet to assists gun owners in owning and protecting their N.F.A. firearms; bar none! Yes
Stephen Texas Quick; easy and it works. Yes
Stephen Nevada It was quick; easy and exactly what I asked for. Yes
Steven Virginia Simple and quick; my local attorney says it is valid. Yes
Steven Texas Good quick turn around for an excellent price. Yes
Sukari Georgia A quick and wonderful experience! Very prompt with email responses to questions or concerns I had! Yes
Theodore Wisconsin Great customer service from a great company! Yes
Tim Texas Very easy to put it together. I had my SBR and silencer manufacturer give it the once-over and they were perfectly pleased. Thanks for making it so easy! Yes
Tim Florida Great service;answered any questions and got it right the first time. Yes
Tim Florida Very easy and convenient Yes
Todf MO Extremely easy ; great price Great customer service. Yes
Tom Connecticut Very smooth and easy. Yes
Tom Michigan Great service and a great value. Yes
Tom Arkansas Quite nice; in fact. Very quick and helpful responses for my questions. 199Trust came recommended from a local NFA dealer that I trusted. Yes
Tommy Texas Easy and Fast; no hassle. Yes
TonyE GA Fast; Easy and Inexpensive! Yes
travis michigan get your trust from 199trust.com if you want a fast; easy; thorough; and cheap NFA trust; they are the best! Yes
Travis Texas Fast; easy; excellent service Yes
Vic CO Very prompt; responded to questions nicely. Overall fast; friendly service. Yes
Victor Arizona So quick and easy; a child can do it! Yes
Wade Oregon You are providing a great service at a good price. You were very helpful with my many questions and quick to respond. I have already recommended you guys to several friends. Upon my recommendation my brother-in-law has also started a trust through you. Thanks; Wade Yes
Waylon Texas Outstanding! Professional and very informative. Exceptional customer service. Yes
William Louisiana Perfect Yes
Zach Florida A Great price for a great (and quick) service. Yes
Zach Florida The process was very smooth and easy and the turnaround time was very quick! Yes
Zachary Ohio Easy and fast experience with a very fast turn around time. Yes
Jeremy Pennsylvania disappointing No
Michael texas No
Shaun Shelton I never got the paper copy that I paid for! So I have wasted my money. No